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Client Recruitment Services

Client Recruitment Services

We are consultants not volume job fillers.

Career Medical Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of doctors in to public and private hospitals as well as private practice environments.

We consult on the best way to solve a recruitment problem, providing solutions that suit your needs and budgets

Candidate Job Search

Candidate Job Search

Are you looking for a new medical jobs in Australia? Career Medical Recruitment has the best jobs in Intensive Care Medicine (ICU) Critical Care Medicine (CCU) General Medicine and Radiology plus many more clinical specialities.

We are always looking for doctors trained in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, and South Africa. We walk you through the whole process from application through to arrival and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to find me a new job?
Typically it takes anywhere between 3 months and 9 months for a full recruitment process to be completed. The timeline is heavily influenced by the amount of paperwork that is required. Locally registered and trained Australian doctors can move within a few weeks, but for IMG’s (International Medical Graduates) that can increase to anywhere from 3 to 9 months.

Do I need to attend an interview in person?
No, all interviews will be carried out by Skype or telephone. If a local doctor is based close by then a face to face interview may be requested. For doctors interstate or overseas, then depending on the seniority of the role, we may organise a face to face interview as a second or third part of the interview process.
Can I work in Australia?
In order to gauge your suitability to work in Australia, please send your CV along with a covering letter outlining the nature of your training and level of experience.
Who do I need to register with in order to work as a doctor in Australia?
In order to work in Australia, an IMG must first register with the AMC for an AMC no. Then once a jobs has been offered you then must meet all the English language and background requirements as set out by AHPRA. AHPRA will process your application for registration through one of their registration pathways, and in the case of consultant and specialist level appointments, this will be in conjunction with a specialist college who will assess comparability to an Australian trained doctor. Finally Medicare number will be required. Please note that we are NOT VISA / MIGRATION AGENTS so we are unable to advise on matter relating to immigration.
What is it like working as a doctor in Australia?
The Australian healthcare system is well regarded around the world. Our training programs are 5 or 6 years in length and are some of the most highly rated training programs in the world. Working here requires doctors to challenge themselves daily, to push themselves and to continue to learn.
Can I bring my family, and what about a working visa?
Career Medical Recruitment is not migration agents so we cannot advise on such matters. However, we have partnerships with registered migration agents that we will be happy to advise on any queries.
Who will help with my registration process?
Career Medical Recruitment will manage your recruitment and registration process from start to finish. We wont leave it there either, we are still working closely with doctors that we brought into Australia 5 or more years ago, so that is the start of a beautiful relationship where we can work as your career medical recruitment consultant.

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